Welcome to Shanghai Dayang Wood Industry Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Dayang Wood Industry Co.,Ltd., founded in 2016, is a professional thermal press machinery manufacturer. With advanced production equipment as foundation, based on complete testing methods and strong technology, the company is committed to build high-quality press machinery for clients.

Our press machinery features high level of intelligence, security, stability, high production efficiency, and convenient maintenance, etc. It is mainly applied to lamination processing of particle board, MDF, and melamine impregnated paper and lamination processing of high-strength laminate flooring aluminum oxide wear-resisting paper. The size of base material include 4’*8’, 4’*9’, 5’*8’, 5’*9’, 6’*8’, 6’*9’, 7’*9’, 6’*12’, 7’*9’, 7’*10’, and 7’*12’.

With efforts of all colleagues, the company's products have gone abroad. And by virtue of good technical advantages, excellent product quality, competitive price, and excellent after-sales service, we have obtained great praise from overseas clients.

We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you, and open the door of wealth by the power of science and technology together.

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