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PUR roller laminating line

PUR laminate machine: 

This production line is applied for high strength composite for various kinds of materials, which is mainly used for PUR hot melt glue. The board after laminating is of the characteristic of high adhesion, venerability, waterproof, environmental friendly. It can be used for the processing of high glossy sheet laminating, composition flooring, fire-proof plate, etc.



Panel: Particle board, MDF board, plywood, plastic board, aluminum plate, foaming board and so on plane board.

Cover material: PET high glossy film, PVC, Paper, HPL, CPL, Acrylic, aluminum film or coil materials.

Glue: PUR hot melt


Technological process:

1. Working table for infeed conveyor roller (the board will be fed by one or two person, which will be up to the size and weight of the board.)

2. Single side coating machine (by adopting ceramic roller to control the glue, silicone roller to finish coating, to realize glue quantity adjustable and well-distributed coating.)

3. Film placing section (the material to be laminating will be put on the board, then to be sent to the continuous rollers)

4. Roller press

5. Working table for outfeed conveyor roll



1. Conveyor

2. Chamfering machine

3. Roller conveyor

4. Double-side dedusting machine (in addition to eliminate static electricity)

5. Combined and blade type brush dust machine (double-side)

6. Conveyor and heating oven

7. PUR glue spreader

8. Laminating machine with two rollers

9. Cover film laminating unit

10. Roller conveyor

Process Flow layout:

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