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Universal testing press
Price:Non - standard customized
Package: Wooden box
Place of Origin:China
Minimum order quantity:1 Set


It is mainly designed for research and testing, and it can be used for research and development of all wood based panel and moulded product, such as MDF, HDF, Chipboard, High Pressure Laminate Board Short cycle laminating board, Impregnation paper, Wood based panel adhesives,Decors-printed paper,

Printing circuit board etc.. This test press is multifunctional, its function is enough for user to do many research work for developing new product. Its testing result is reliable enough for customers to develop new product and process accordingly. It’s suitable for university, technology & research institute and company’s R&D department.

Structure style

four-column style.

Pressing size



630KN ~ 1800KN

Product features
It is controlled by computer and easy to operate. Its closing, pressing, pressure-holding, position controlling, pressure relieving, opening and temperature can be controlled separately and composite-controlled randomly.If user has special requirement, we could design according to user’s requirement.
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