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100-150 cycles/h Fully-automatic Short Cycle Hot Press Line


The line is designed for single and double-sided lamination of HDF board with melamine resin impregnated papers in a short cycle process to produce laminated furniture board and laminate flooring. The papers are processed in the line as sheet material. Pressing takes place against against chromed SS plates using press cushion between chromed SS plates and heating plate of the press.

Main Parameters:

Press size: 4’×8’, 4’×10’, 4’×16’, 6’×8’, 6’×9’, 6’×12’, 6’×16’, 7’×9’, 7’×10’, 7’×18’, customized 

Press cycle: 100-150 cycles/h

Unit pressure : 45-90kg/cm2, customized.

Line Feature:

Single board longitudinal feeding Board with clamp type loader and double side cleaning of board

Automatic positioning of board and paper by vacuum carrier

Press size: Single board or double board

Edge trimming after press and board quality checking

Stacking position for laminated board by vacuum carrier and movable rail

Protection board feeding by manual or machine

Cooling system: option

EIR system: option

Chromed SS plate changing system: simple type or automatic type

Process Flow layout:

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