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The troubleshooting of the veneer hot press and the attention point of the veneer veneer
release time : 2017-12-05 read : 191
Types of hot press, the overall point of view, there are still a lot of, at least, more than one or two, but the following involved, it is so with the website products and relevant keywords, specifically, it is for the veneer hot press, so that we can further familiar with this kind of hot press. At the same time, can also increase the amount of their knowledge in this area.

1. veneer's veneer, using a veneer hot press, is it appropriate?

The veneer's veneer can be used to use a veneer hot press, and it is also very suitable. However, in the process of veneer, there are some notices, which are mainly:

(1) thin wood slab, if there are many layers, then it should not be too fast in the veneer hot press, and its pressing speed should not be too fast, otherwise it will not be able to stretch the veneer. However, the time from rising to closing can't exceed 2 minutes to avoid problems such as the early curing of the Bo Muzhong's glue. For each plate, the thickness of the slab can not exceed 2 or 3 millimeters.

(2) if the bonding thickness of veneer is 0.2 to 0.3 mm, then, in order to avoid cracks after hot pressing, it can spray or smear a layer of Formaldehyde Solution on the surface of thin wood before hot pressing. The concentration of solution is 5% to 10%. And, the periphery of the thin wood, especially should pay attention to, because, this part, easy to appear the problem.

2. face hot press, if the oil cylinder can not improve after the decline, what is the reason?

In the face hot press, if the above problems appear, then, there are several reasons, and need to be checked one by one. First, check the solenoid valve, whether it is electrified. Second, it is to see whether there is a problem of card death in the solenoid valve. If, if not the solenoid valve problem, then look at the hot press oil road, whether there is a problem. If there are some, we should deal with it in time, so that we can solve the problem thoroughly.

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